So you have questions? We’ve got answers!

Q: Does StorageUnit.com own and operate the storage properties shown on the website?

A: We don’t. The facilities listed on StorageUnit.com are owned by other organizations and have chosen to list their facilities on the website.

Q: Does using StorageUnit.com cost money or have any service fees?

A: Nope! Using StorageUnit.com to rent a storage unit is absolutely free. You’ll only have to pay the facility where you rent your storage unit.

Q: Why do people use StorageUnit.com?

A: Because we make finding storage awesome! In fact, we take all of the work out of it for our users. StorageUnit.com has the unique ability to understand what you need out of a storage unit and will find a unit for you.

Q: How does StorageUnit.com determine which storage units are right for me?

A: Each user of StorageUnit.com just has to answer a few questions about their unique storage situation. Through the answers you provide, StorageUnit.com can narrow down which units will be compatible with your needs.

Q: I’ve found the storage unit I was looking for. How do I reserve it?

A: You can reserve right here on StorageUnit.com by clicking on the “reserve” button next to each specific storage unit, or by calling in. Either way, booking your storage unit will only take a few short minutes.

Q: How do I know when to move in to the facility after making my reservation?

A: During the reservation process, you will have the option to choose a move-in date. That date will be included in a confirmation email to provide you with a reminder of when the facility is expecting you.

Q: What if I want to cancel my reservation or make a change?

A: For changes, calling us is the most effective option. In this scenario, it’s best to contact us at least one day before your schedule move-in date. This way, we can make the necessary adjustments or inform the facility that you have cancelled.